AOAD/M_T Choke Ring GPS Antenna

Absolute Phase Center Variations

Results of Absolute PCV Field Calibrations at IfE and Geo++ ®

compiled by Falko Menge and Dr. Martin Schmitz, version 1.2


1. PCV Calibration of GPS Antennas - General Overview

2. Absolute PCV Field Calibration - Basics and Procedure

3. Discussion of Absolute PCV - Effects, Large Networks, Engineering Applications

4. Absolute PCV Calibration of AOAD/M_T - Details, Accuracy, Precision

5. Absolute PCV Results of AOAD/M_T - Download Area

6. Summary

7. Publications - english and german

(original AOAD/M_T Choke Ring antenna on the robot during calibration procedure)

(original AOAD/M_T Choke Ring antenna used for this calibration)


Download complete html-pages - without PCV tables: pdf-file (0.6 MB)

PCV and MP Working Group in Hannover:

Institut für Erdmessung:
Prof. Dr. G. Seeber, F. Menge, V. Böder, H. Leistner

Geo++® GmbH:
Dr. G. Wübbena, Dr. M. Schmitz, G. Boettcher

The work has been done in a research project (including the acquisition of the robots), which is funded by BMBF / DLR under the grant 50NA9809. Many thanks also to BKG, namely to Rudi Stöger (Wettzell), who provided the investigated original AOAD/M_T antenna.
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